CtK Church’s Plan to Engage Our Community

So, what is Act 2 Thrive all about?

The Act 2 Thrive Vision

“(They were) praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved.”

Acts 2:47

So, how do we plan to reach our community?


Improving safety, visual and program excitement by updating and enhancing our children and student ministry areas. We’ll see vibrant decor, interactive learning centers, and a designated youth space, where our future generations can grow and thrive with the heart of Jesus.


Connecting and serving our wider community through a brand new Community Center and Café, Neighborhood Ambassadors from CtK, Community Fun Nights & Family Partnerships. Our new café, indoor playground, and event space will help CtK stand out as a thriving gathering place for our community.


Creating a deeper sense of the presence of God by refreshing and upgrading our current worship center. Enhancing the visual appeal, updating technology, and installing a baptismal area. All of these will serve to provide an attractive, comfortable environment where we can worship together and celebrate God’s work in our lives and the local community.

So, why now?

CtK Church must act in this current wave of growth and change through relevance in our methods, facility, style, outreach and message.

Through these initiatives, we will see Jesus thrive in the hearts of our church, families, and surrounding communities.

  • 1993

    First worship of CtK Church at Lake Wylie Elementary School

  • 1995

    Purchased 17 acres of land in Steele Creek for church site

  • 1997

    Ground breaking for our first home – multi-purpose center, classrooms, offices

  • 1998

    First worship at our new home

  • 1999

    Help launch a new mission – “Well of Hope” – Pineville

  • 2001

    Purchased three adjacent acres for a worship center

  • 2002

    Ground breaking for worship center and additional classrooms

  • 2003

    New worship center opens

  • 2004

    Established ministry partnership with FOCE and Casa Bernabe in Guatemala

  • 2006

    Planted “Cristo El Rey” – Latino outreach of CtK

  • 2012

    Established a partnership with Odres Nuevos Church in Guatemala

  • 2014

    Supported the planting of “Grace Community Church” in Burundi, Africa

  • 2015

    Began a mission outreach in Puchov’, Slovakia

  • 2018

    CtK Church prepares its next decade of mission with Act2Thrive

    • Update children and worship areas.
    • Expand with a community center/café, student area & offices.
    • Launch a local outreach initiative to include and serve the people of our region and connect them into life-giving relationships with each other and with Jesus.
  • 2023

    CtK Church has become the gathering place for the region and prepares to plant a satellite campus

So, what will the building look like?

So, how do I get involved with Act 2 Thrive?


That you and your family will grow in faith as God works through the Act 2 Thrive initiative. Listen for God’s direction.


Remember that God can do the impossible with our giving commitment. Ask God to work through your generosity to make an eternal impact over the next 36 months.


Join an Act 2 Thrive ministry team at CtK. Let’s work together to impact our surrounding communities with the love of Jesus.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A: Until the drawings on the facility upgrades go through engineered drawings and out to bid, there are no concrete numbers for the facility side. The preliminary estimation is around 3 million.

  • A: Our prayer for the Act2Thrive movement is to pay in cash. It will take more sacrifice from us on the front end but save hundreds of thousands of dollars on the back end.  We also do not want to increase debt on this next generation or be burdened by more debt that would prevent ministry advancement.

  • A: Each person at CtK will have the opportunity to pledge and give toward this appeal.  Since we want to pay this in cash and not increase our debt, we will need to give generously from the cash, assets or savings from which God has uniquely blessed us.  We are praying that each would consider his/her blessing and pray and he/she might leave a legacy and help secure the future impact of CtK Church. Gifts can come from stocks, bonds, real property, retirement plans, insurance policies or cash.

  • A: It is our goal to have 50% cash in hand and 100% pledged before we begin construction. Our prayer is to begin by late fall of 2019.

  • A: Yes, the “Family Partnership” is already underway as a pilot program and staff and teams are refining other ministries related to the A2T outreach.  The outreach staffing position could begin in 2019 based on resource availability. 

  • A: A pledge is your financial faith commitment to the A2T outreach campaign. It helps the whole congregation know the resource available for the project to begin.  You can pledge over a three-year period and give toward that pledge in any interval that works for you – weekly, monthly, yearly.  If your financial situation changes, you can raise or lower the pledge simply by calling the church office. The more commitments that are paid in the first couple years, the sooner construction can begin. Each person will receive a pledge card in your Act2Thrive packet.

  • A: We would ask that all Act2Thrive giving be above and beyond one’s current general program giving.  We want to keep our strong ministry going so we need annual contributions to remain strong.

  • A: Outreach program and facility change concepts are complete. Congregational pledge and gifts are taking place in February and March. Refined drawings and ministry plans continue through summer of 2019.  Depending on resource availability construction and new outreaches could begin in late 2019.

  • A:  Our plan is to be faithful to the vision God has given to CtK.  There is more about that vision on our website.  In short, it is our mission to connect all people to the life-giving message of Jesus.  We want to be a vibrant church, changing lives and impacting the community in which God has placed us.

  • A. We would want to do phase 1 well with clear measurable impact on this region. Future growth will tell us when it is time for phase 2.  Funds gathered over the cost of phase 1 would be used to pay off any current debt.

  • A: Pastor Craig’s heart and passion is to see CtK Church be a vibrant mission center today and into the future.  He will certainly guide us through this process and continue to raise up our next generation leaders.

  • A: We have been doing great over the past few years, reducing our debt from about $1.7 million to around $775,000. We will continue to aggressively pay off our debt each month through operational expenses.  The Act2Thrive Appeal is about growing forward to meet the needs of this rapidly growing community. If we do not make these critical changes now we will miss much opportunity to grow, to reach those far from God, and end up declining as a church.

  • A: Yes, the increase in space from the Community Center will provide intentional programming for all ages, seniors included.  CtK Church values diversity of ages.  It is through these age diversities that everyone is blessed and enriched as we learn from one another.

  • A: Like schools, churches are public space.  Anyone can come on campus at any time.  Having a Community Center will positively increase our impact on the community.  At the same time, we will need to ensure the safety of our children meeting in classes.  With the new renovations and construction these concerns will have top priority.  Preschool and Sunday Children’s Ministry will have secure zones that are easily lockable with cameras and security.

  • A:  Yes, The Café & Coffee Shop will be a place you will want to come to and bring your friends.  It will be first class and self-supportive, like any other café/coffee shop. It would also be available to cater for meetings and events.