FAQ – Spiritual Growth & Outreach

  • A: We plan to continue with in-depth and relevant teaching of the Word of God each Sunday as well as increasing the number of Community Groups studying and learning together.  Students and children will continue to have solid curriculum leading them to grow spiritually as well as support material for families.

  • A: It is important to pray for our leaders every day.  CtK Church is blessed with a very engaged Congregational Council and Staff Empowerment Team who help support and guide our leaders to grow personally and professionally as CtK Church grows and changes. This includes rhythms of work, rest and effectiveness.

  • A: It is our hope that the community center and additional outreach staffing will help create the opportunities for more of these types of gatherings.

  • A: The whole heart of Act2Thrive is to reach and connect this group of people.  In the plan there are several initiatives.  Pastor Craig speaks of them in the Act2Thrive video.  They include: Family Partnerships, Community Fun Nights, 7 day a week Café’ & Community Center, Neighborhood Ambassadors, dynamic indoor playground and children’s and youth space.  All of these and more have the intention of invading the life of those not interested and becoming an irresistible place to come.  Of course, our personal invitation and engagement with people in the community will always be the best.

  • A: We can never have enough forums for this kind of discipleship.  It is our prayer that each Sunday morning we are learning to live missionally.  Community Groups are another ideal place to learn.  It would be wonderful if this is in the heart of every leader and team to sow into everyone they are leading.  Let’s continue in prayer for greater impact.

  • A: No doubt, God has designed the church to be empowered by the giftedness of all His people. Our passion is for everyone to find their God purpose and place in God’s work and ministry. We currently have over 50% of our congregation serving in CtK ministries.  Our prayer is for everyone to find their place to serve and make a difference.  New people to CtK best find their ministry connection through First Step.  Ministry teams continue to engage and empower people to join them.  We will research and learn from best practices as we strengthen volunteerism at CtK.  Regarding burnout of volunteers and leaders – we will need to continue to disciple and support volunteers and leaders to find their right balance of serving.

  • A: It is our hope to not only continue ministries like these, but to also grow and expand them to be relevant in changing needs.  This will require volunteers and leaders who have a passion for these ministries.  Some ministries take a step back in times of volunteer leadership transition until God raises up new leaders.  Built into the Act2Thrive Appeal is resource for a full-time position of outreach.  This will help strengthen our ministries to the community, support volunteers and raise up leaders.  There are no current plans to remove the trailers and the ministries they hold.

  • A: Yes. New showers are located right off the MPR in the new design.

  • A: That would be an awesome ministry.  We pray that numerous CtK people will want to hang out – praying and connecting with people.  The CtK Staff will also.

FAQ – Stepping Stones

FAQ – Security

  • A: Certainly, construction will bring many more people on the campus of CtK during the week. The construction process will be maintained in such a way that children’s areas will remain secure.  The contractors will also be well aware of our safety concerns.  On Sundays our security and hospitality teams will continue their good work in guiding and protecting us through construction zone areas.

  • A: Many new initiatives are already in place and new ones are emerging.  We currently only have two entrances unlocked on Sunday morning and these are under watch of hospitality teams.  There is also a security team on Sundays who make rounds in the parking lot and throughout the building. Children are checked in on Sundays and must be picked up with the same system.  We also have security cameras in the building and in the parking lots.  Exterior lighting has been increased. Processes are continuing to be reviewed and improved upon.  Encouragement is given to all of us to be aware of our surroundings.  During the week, there are no unlocked doors.  A person entering must come and check in at the main entry. In the new/renovated facility, there will not be the ability to walk down hallways without checking in.

  • A: More study will need to be done on best practices for security in these open areas during the week. Volunteers and staff will be trained on how to handle suspicious situations and when to call police.  There would be safe practices set in place as in other public spaces. The preschool and children’s areas will be secure because they are in a separate area of the building that prohibits outside visitors.

FAQ – Church Growth

  • A: Yes, we are blessed to be growing as a church.  People like you are inviting and connecting people to Jesus.  In a transient area like Charlotte, growth must be significant in number to offset those who move away or leave because they are looking for something different in a church. With an increased economy, people are also traveling more which means they worship on Sunday less often.  This can sometimes make worship attendance look smaller, but there are actually more people involved and under the care and outreach of the church. Not only are we growing slowly in numbers, we are growing dramatically in discipleship.  We are seeing more people serving and huge increases of those in Community Groups.  Our outreach with Act2Thrive is designed to be even more engaging in the community and more in the center of people’s destination.  It is our prayer that more and more people will connect to Jesus and serve through CtK Church.

  • A: Yes! We turn down numbers of groups each week because our facility is completely scheduled.  There are many community groups we would love to engage, but do not currently have the space. The Act2Thrive space is designed to give more access to the community for use and for CtK groups to meet. We are not adding a worship center in this phase because we still have some growing room for Sunday morning and can add additional worship services.

  • A: The number one question we are always asking in worship, children, youth, Community Groups is how do we connect children, students, adults to Jesus.  We are always evaluating the relevancy of each of these areas and how they are impacting and attracting people to Jesus.  All ideas are welcome.  Speak to a staff member.  Invite a friend/neighbor. Pray for those far from God. Give generously to Act2Thrive and then bring your friends to this exciting new space.

  • A: “Oh ye of little faith”. God would not be calling us to Act2Thrive or given us 20 acres of land not to grow His church.  All we need to do is be bold in our outreach and not play it safe and comfortable in our giving and desire to reach the lost.  Comfortable, no risk, no faith churches die!

  • A: This is a question we never want to stop addressing.  The answers change through the years and the needs are different. Currently, new people to CtK best connect when they walk through our Next Step classes.  These classes give them awareness, mentoring and connection to a ministry team.  There is a Sunday morning team led by Damaris which connects and follows up with all new guests and also those who have drifted away.  Community Groups launch three times per year, giving another huge way people begin to connect with others and find meaning and support in relationships.  Ministry teams reaching out to others they know add amazing engagement for disconnected people. Other ideas suggested include – dividing the congregation in disciple groups, having team sign-up Sundays, etc.  As a church let’s keep working on this together.

FAQ – Funding

  • A: All capital gifts toward A2T are designated toward the aspects of the project.  If some aspects of the project can begin and resource is available, we can act on those items.  Otherwise all funds will be held in an interest-bearing account until necessary funds are available or until the project is ready to begin.

  • A:  It is typical in capital campaigns to have people consider amounts since capital giving is new for most people.  Annual giving is based on your tithe and supports the general ministry operations of the church.  In capital giving there is education, teaching, sharing, prayer and Holy Spirit discernment. This has been our process at CtK.  The Holy Spirit guides our hearts through personal and community revelation.  Often the Holy Spirit will speak to us through wise and spiritually discerning people.  The small team who prayed through every single person who is a part of CtK and asked the Holy Spirit to guide their minds to an amount to consider, was one aspect of the Spirit’s work of discernment.  The individual must take this and begin to pray and discern as well.  Every move of giving should be a move of faith and not ease or comfortableness, but the true desire to trust God and to make a difference in His Kingdom.

  • A: The study of these projections has begun and is being considered in future budgets.  Also being considered are fee based uses for events that will help cover expenses.

  • A: The café will be marketed and managed by a separate entity in partnership with CtK.  There will be close agreements to our common mission, rental of space, and support of events

  • A: Certainly, if people are able to give their pledges earlier in the three-year cycle, this becomes less of a concern.  We will need to pay close attention to money given and trends in pledges received as to how quickly we justify new expenditures.

  • A: The Building Team and Congregational Council will be working with the architect and builder to control the cost of the project from the beginning as the engineered drawings take place.  At this time decisions will be made as to what changes need to take place to meet our budget.  If there are major changes that need to be made in the scope of the project, these will be shared  with the congregation.  We will also seek to continue to increase our capital resource for the project as new people connect with the ministry.  It is our prayer that through our generous giving we far exceed our project goal and move forward with excellence.  Read Exodus 36:2-7.

  • A: You can tax efficiently transfer stock to CtK as part of your Act2Thrive pledge. By transferring shares of stock to CtK, you will eliminate paying taxes from selling the stock, because we are a charitable organization. As a 501c3, CtK is not required to pay taxes when we sell the stock, which we will do upon settlement of stock transfers. Please contact Denise@CtKCharlotte.org for the brokerage account number or additional information.

FAQ – General Questions